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Live Better With Clock

40 pieces Blue


This unique and modern clock does far more than tell the time. The Live Better With Reminder Day Clock can help the person you care about stay independent, stick to a daily routine and keep important appointments. Featuring a talking clock functionality, this clock comes with 20 pre-set reminder messages which can be set to sound daily, weekly or as a one off. You can also record your own personalized reminder messages, tailor made for the person you love.


  • #1 brand in Calendar Clocks
  • 14-day return policy
  • Free shipment

Daily planning and structure

Thanks to the several reminders

Support with decreased sense of time

You can choose the display you want

Increase of self-reliance

And be less dependent on someone else

More than 20 reminders

Choose from 20 pre-set reminders for routine such as taking medication or keeping hydrated and events such as a doctors appointments or a family visit.

Do you prefer the voice of your beloved ones?
With the BBrain Basic you can record reminder with your own voice of the voice of your beloved ones. You can replay these self-recorded reminders on regular intervals.
Met de BBrain Basic kunt u zelf opnames maken van een reminder die u op gezette tijden laat afspelen. The clock helps with daily planning and structure.

BBrain Basic klok medicatie

Five different displays

And three different colors for maxium readability

BBrain Basic scherm 1
BBrain Basic scherm 2
BBrain Basic scherm 3
BBrain Basic scherm 4
BBrain Basic scherm 5
BBrain Basic scherm 1
background-position: 50% 0 !important;
BBrain Basic scherm kleur geel
BBrain Family D2

Also interesting:

A clock with an agenda function and App

In addition to the BBrain Basic analogue clock, there is also the BBrain Family clock, which can be controlled via the internet with a useful App. Do you want to use the app to schedule and manage appointments and send messages or nice photos of your holiday to the clock? Then the BBrain Family D2 for dementia is the right choice. The BBrain Family G2 is suitable for seniors in general or seniors with beginning memory problems. With both clocks you can make video calls with your loved ones or caregivers.

  • Free shipment
  • 14-days reflection period
  • #1 brand in Calendar clocks


BBrain Basic staand rood
Live Better With Clock 40 pieces Blue